dyana qistina

Monday, 26 July 2010

PK 3 !!!!!

hari nie dapat paper ict ,.
alhamdulillah !
dapat A- . 71% !
tapi tak boleh nak puas atie skg .
takut leka for the next exam .
hope that next exam markah mkin meningkat .
amin !
exam kali nie masuk chapter 2 . yg mule2 tu 'agak' senang , senang nak faham . sebab mule2 tu pasal input , output and storage je . masuk je computer system , mulalah tak faham . sehari sebelum paper ict , study bagai nak gila . baru laa faham .
alhamdulillah laa section A dapat 25 /30 . salah 3 soalan . section B dapat 10 1/2 /20. agak tidak memuaskan hati laa section B . takpe , masih ada mase utk diperbaiki .
section B :
antara kesalahan2 yg dah dibuat ,
- soalan 2
- soalan 3
dua2 soalan dapat 0 .

Monday, 1 February 2010

impact of ict on society

ICT stands for information and communication technology . The ICT is widely use this era . Ict development has change many aspect of human society . It affected us in many way . There are many impact of ict on society , neither positive or negative impact . One of the positive impact is faster communication speed . In the past , it took very long period for any news or messages to be sent . With ict , news and messages are sent via . By using broadband and connection speed on the internet , any information can travel fast. In the same time , it save our time and inexpensive . Besides that , it is a lower communication cost . We do not have to pay any basic services provided by internet . The cost of connection to the internet is relatively cheap . Furthermore , people can change and share information , opinions and news with others around the world . For student , they can make a discussion group . But , there are a few people that not responsible . They use their knowledge about ict to harm others .